FOOTSIES Rollback Edition

FOOTSIES Rollback Edition

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HiFight . 2.5.0 16/07/2021
FOOTSIES is a simple 2D ground-based fighting game that both new and experienced players can pick up and enjoy right away.

While the game controls and mechanics are simple, FOOTSIES retains the fundamental feeling of the fighting game genre where spacing, hit confirm and whiff punish are keys to achieve victory.

Featuring online battle mode with rollback netcode, implemented using GGPO open-source codes and can cross-play with user on PC version.

- Arcade Mode
- Local versus head-to-head style
- Versus CPU mode
- CPU Survival mode
- Online versus mode (rollback netcode and crossplay)
- Online lobby (up to 10 players, chat, spectators)
- Tutorial
- Training mode
- Command list with frame data
- Hitbox viewer
- Hit Confirm and Whiff Punish Minigames

What's new

- New gameplay mechanic and minigame [Parry]
- Added secret boss to Arcade mode



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