Apple iCloud Keychain now works with third-party web browsers

The macOS Sonoma public beta is available now, and users can download the beta on their supported Mac devices. One of the features of the latest Mac operating system is that it extends iCloud Keychain support to the Chrome web browser on macOS. For those who don’t know, Apple supports iCloud Keychain for Safari and Chrome. However, Chrome support is no touch keychains only available on Windows as it is reserved for Safari on macOS. With macOS Sonoma, Apple also offers iCloud Keychain for Chrome on macOS. In the future, Apple MacBook users will be able to use iCloud Keychain on the Chrome browser to enter passwords via biometric authentication.
9to5Google reported that the iCloud Password extension for Chrome has received an update and has been updated to version 2.0. But support extends beyond the Chrome browser. According to the report, the feature will also work with other Chromium-based web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Arc, and more. In addition, iCloud Password for Microsoft Edge for macOS has also been updated to version 2.0.
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The iCloud Keychain feature allows users to securely store usernames, passwords, and passcodes to allow users to access apps, websites, and more. easier and faster. to login without remembering the password. The update makes iCloud Keychain fully compatible with these browsers the same way it is compatible with Safari. macOS Sonoma Public Beta is now available for all users to download to their devices. The update brings a number of new features and changes like new lock screen design, widget updates, FaceTime improvements, and more.

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